Daniel Garcia, known as El Flaco Dany, is an icon for milonga con traspie all over the world. He has been dancing tango for more than 50 years, and has extensive teaching experience of tango salon & milonga in more than 50 countries in the last 30 years, most of them in the company of his best friend Gavito. He is recognized by most tango dancers and aficonados as the best dancer of milonga contraspie. Among his dance partners: Silvina Vals, Natacha Poberaj, Lorena Ermocida, Luna Palacios, etc. Apart from his dance, he conveys the tango culture, essence and evolution.

Lucia Mirzan, after other social dances, discovered tango 5 years ago in Romania and further studied it in Buenos Aires for almost one year with tango maestros: Carlos Perez, Fabian Peralta, Natacha Poberaj, Tete, El Flaco Dany, etc. Apart from dancing, she develops new projects like tango theatre, and runs research on tango, through interviews with its genuine maestros: Her main interest is milonga con traspie, for which reason she learned to do the leader’s part. She has been teaching tango for 1.5 year in her Bucharest school Fabrica de Tango: