Cesar Agazzi is a professional tango dancer and choreographer. He started tango more than 15 years ago with Rodolfo Dinzel, Jesus Velasquez, Roberto Herrera, and continued with traditional maestros like Carlitos Perez, Osvaldo & Coca, Gavito, Pupi Castello, and neo tango representatives: Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Esteban Moreno. He performed and taughscoala de tango, tango argentinian bucurestit tango in Argentina, France, Brasil, Uruguay, Italy, etc. Cesar was a dancer and choreographer in Compania Pasion de Tango and Explosion Tango, on tour in US and Europe.
Apart from his tango formation, he studied music – trumpet and jazz guitar, which enriches his dance composition.

Lucia Mirzan, after other social dances, discovered tango 5 years ago in Romania and further studied it in Buenos Aires for almost one year with tango maestros: Carlos Perez, Fabian Peralta, Natacha Poberaj, Tete, El Flaco Dany, etc. Apart from dancing, she develops new projects like tango theatre, and runs research on tango, through interviews with its genuine maestros: Her main interest is milonga con traspie, for which reason she learned to do the leader’s part. She has been teaching tango for 1.5 year in her Bucharest school Fabrica de Tango: