Dear tangueros all over the world,

 In May this year Flaco Dany turns 77.

We invite you to spend a great fun weekend in Romania, with high tango level and especially high friendship level.
We invite you to Bucharest to celebrate Dany´s life, his tango and milonga, together with good friends of his, excellent dancers, from Buenos Aires and Europe.

”Flaco Dany” is his stage name. His real name is Garcia Ernesto Hector, for friends simply Hector.

We wait for you to enjoy Flaco Dany´s and his                          friends´dance and classes, and when the milonga is over, to go together for a cup of coffee with Hector.
After 4 days with classes and 4 milongas with 7 shows, you will feel anything else but bored.

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